Hi, I’m Jane Ellen. I’m an Intuitive and I’d like to assist you in your relationship with you.

Boy, do I know this life can be one test after another. For most of us it feels like our intuition has been trained out of us. Aligning with your own guidance will always keep you safe as long as you keep your consciousness clean.

My part is to help you help you since the only real control you’ll ever have in this life is your ability and desire to balance you. By expanding the knowledge of ourselves we can create the energy to affect change in our lives.

I’ve been doing this work for the past 25 years. In 1985 while living in NYC I went through a process of purification myself because I could tell that if I didn’t start paying attention to my own “number” at some point I’d be in big trouble!

Today the payoff for the “clean up” is that I get to support others in their self discovery. I continue to be my first client so there’s always a reality check for this kid!

I’m available for sessions – phone or in person. And we can talk about what that means when you contact me. This first consultation is on me.

Go for it. Contact me. Allow yourself to receive the gift that can empower you to be the creator of your life.

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